Adopt an olive tree

Adopt an olive tree and contribute to the reforestation of olive trees in Salento.

The initiative stems from the desire to make a real contribution to the difficulty that grips the Salento because of the bacterium “Xylella fastidiosa” that destroyed most of the olive groves, creating a serious damage to the economy of the territory and changing the landscape, loved and known by all.

A social promotion association, the town of Caprarica di Lecce, a small village dedicated to olive growing for centuries, together with many people, in love with Salento and nature, have decided to roll up their sleeves.

From these assumptions was born the campaign ADOPT AN OLIVE TREE, which aims to find many people who will adopt a tree having in return the precious fruit transformed into extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

In 2020, the year the project began, the first trees were planted. Today we are at 250. The adopter will have the dish with his name forever on the tree. The first year, in December, will receive the extra virgin olive oil produced by his tree and the certificate of adoption.
At the same time it will support the association of social promotion to carry out all the work in the countryside during the year, in the land made available by the Municipality.
The noblest objective is to contribute slowly to the reforestation of Salento, also in the other municipalities that will want to participate in the initiative.

Advantages for the adopter

Once adopted, a wooden plate bearing the name of the adopter is affixed to the olive tree.
During the year, the adopter receives information about the life cycle of the plant and its care and processing.
In December the adopter will receive the extra virgin olive oil extracted strictly cold from the olives harvested from his tree, packaged with personalized label.

Advantages for the territory

Recovery of the economy in the olive sector that is likely to be abandoned, especially by new generations.

Recovery of the historical landscape of Salento, through the replanting of
varieties of olive trees resistant to bacteria and promotion of the territory itself, also in a tourist key.

By joining the initiative, each adopter will receive:

• 12 bottles of 0.75 of cold extracted organic extra virgin olive oil* at home (the oil
will be sent in December of each year);
• numbered adoption certificate of the olive tree adopted, in which will appear the
name of the adopter and that of the eventual beneficiary (if the recipient of a gift or
in the case of a farm gift);
• Other promotions related to the possibility of visiting the farm, attending the
processing phases, staying in the territory where the trees are present.

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