Is Apulia worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth visiting, and here you are in the right place for information because during this post you will find all the answers for your questions!

Let me start saying that Apulia is not only the simple sun, the beautiful sea, beaches and weather. It is a beautiful region situated in the south-east of Italy. Unlike some years ago, this region is becoming very popular, but why?

The answer is either simple and difficult at the same time because there are a lot of reasons and things to love about Apulia.


We can start talking about the territory of this region telling that its situated in the south-east of Italy and it’s a mostly flat and hilly region. The Apulian coasts are bathed by sea for 800km and extends for about 940km and consists of 33% sandy beaches, 33% low rocky coasts, 21% high-cliff and 5% by man-made stretches.

The most natural places that you might watch to visit in Apulia are:

-The Gargano: it’s a large rocky promontory and a place full of vegetation which on one side slopes down towards the coastal lakes and on the other side descends towards the sea where we find high and steep coasts.

-The Tavoliere: It’s a vaste territory largely flat overlooking the gulf of Manfredonia and also with the presence of lakes, ponds or mashes as well as hillock and modest hills.

-Murge: they are a rather extensive Apulian-Lucanian sub-region corresponding to a karst plateau of tectonic origin and with a quadrangular shape. They form part of the Apulian Anti-Apennines and the highest reliefs are found in the north-western area

-Salento: it’s an Apulian sub-region situated in the east of Apulia and it’s very famous and beautiful for its sea

Wherever you go in this region it’s impossible not to be amazed by every place you visit; this is because throughout history, this region has hosted many peoples and cultures that have formed its territory and tradition that we know

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