”Borghi del Cashaback” in Galatina achieved: work is already on the 2nd edition in spring 

On 25 and 26 June, the first stage of the southern Italy of the Borghi del Cashback, the event born in myworld Italy to encourage tourism through a network system between companies, has proved a success.  

From Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Sicily, Veneto, Lombardy, Lazio, Campania and Emilia-Romagna a group of tourists affiliated to the international myworld circuit, have reached between Friday and Saturday the city of Salento attracted by its history, beauty and gastronomy, have stayed in B & B in the city, have participated in the events organized and above all have bought from the activities affiliated 

“I am extremely pleased – says Edoardo Moretti, South West Europe Director of myworld – to start from Salento, where the company’s activity began 10 years ago. Galatina was a pleasant surprise for all of us, even those who made miles of road by car and under the sun to be present. Next year we will organize an even bigger event in the spring”. 

If the organizing machine has already started, the positive aspects of the initiative just ended are many. Loyalty circuits make sense when they stimulate purchases, and whether these purchases involve the holiday industry can be an important promotional tool. 

“We had a walk in the center in the late afternoon – says Daniele da Udine – and appreciate the historic center of Galatina that we did not know. Through the Villages of Cashback we met many places and met enthusiastic people and very attentive entrepreneurs. I left Galatina after discovering the pasticciotto, the rustic, the pieces of horse pignata, the extraordinary wines and baked goods that I bought and I will get home”. 

Word of mouth in this context is another key aspect. Positive feedback will encourage other people with myworld cards to choose Galatina as a destination for the upcoming weekend or trip. Moreover, the diffusion through social media, especially Facebook and Instagram of the highlights of the event, has already obtained many likes. 

“Talking about your city to the participants – says Antonio Torretti, organizer for Galatina of the event together with Roberto De Donno and Emanuela Martino – made me understand how much potential to exploit there are still. Being able to network accommodation facilities, restaurants, bars, master craftsmen, bakeries, wineries, fruit and vegetable producers, service companies for a single purpose made me understand that we have a great opportunity. Each participant has purchased products that he brought back to his home and will make other people taste them who may be interested in buying or even coming to Galatina. We have 2.5 million potential users who are our ideal target”. 

Please note that for every purchase made everyone received a cash cashback and shopping points to use on the myworld.com website (www.myworld.com)

Among the most exciting moments was the surprise of the master pastry chef Davide Ascalone at Cantina Fiorentino, where the event began, with the freshly baked pasticciotti that delivered one by one to all the participants, delighting the palates even with the magdalene and the divine loves, but above all with a memory of the father Andrea, almost seven years after his death.  

One of the particularly exciting moments was the visit to the Basilica of Saint Catherine of Alexandria that left the participants speechless. Sunday day at the beach in Otranto at a partner beach and then return home waiting for the second appointment in March. 

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