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Side by side, we navigate in business, culture and technology in order to ensure that our clients remain relevant and resonant.

My Apulian Experience is a strategic marketing and tourism company made by a team of business development experts, owned and operated by EDV Int. based in Puglia Italy and London, UK

Clients have lots of benefit from our strategic counsel related to digital marketing and communication. We have been in marketing and tourism industry since 2015 and we have grown strategically day by day.

Who we are

My Apulian Experience’s mission is only one : leave an indelible memory of Apulia and Salento.

Our local team provides tailored activity to gain deep perspectives and exclusive insights about the heel of Italy

Additionally we’re proud to offer best tourism and hospitality management and falicilites for small groups to experience this wonderful place.

Begin a unique, sensory journey through the enchanting beauty
and timeless traditions of the land of Puglia.


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